Top tips for tackling reading comprehension questions in an exam

Does your child struggle with comprehension questions?

Comprehension is understanding what you have read and is the key to becoming a successful reader.  It is a key part of the secondary and GCSE curriculum and it is important that students perfect their technique in order to gain the maximum marks in an English comprehension exam.  At On Target Tuition we are used to helping students who are struggling to cope with comprehension techniques.

Here are our top tips to remember on the day of the test

  1. P.E.E – make your Point, give Evidence for your point and then Explain how this evidence supports your point.
  2. Read the passage carefully and thoroughly.
  3. Then read the questions and highlight any keywords that might help you find where the evidence might come from in the passage.
  4. Read the passage again and highlight the keywords, phrases, headings etc that relate to the questions.
  5. Look at what marks are allocated to each question.  Do not spend 10 minutes answering a question worth 2 marks and 2 minutes answering a question worth 10 marks!
  6. Make a note of how long you can afford to spend on each question and try to stick to it.
  7. Remember if you are quoting from the passage to use quotation marks.
  8. Reread the question after you have written an answer and double-check you have covered all the points asked for.
  9. DO NOT just copy large chunks out of the text.
  10. Remember P.Q.R.SPassage, Questions, Re-read and Search for evidence.

If you are struggling with comprehension On Target Tuition can help.  Our qualified, experienced teachers can guide you through comprehension techniques and help you to prepare for examinations and coursework.

Visit our website to find out more.

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8 Responses to Top tips for tackling reading comprehension questions in an exam

  1. Evie Frost says:

    This is really use ful i used it for my home work :)

  2. Katie Ruth says:

    Got a comprehension style English exam tommorrow, really simple, but important tips given here which enforced my knowledge and hopefully will give me an edge to get a really good score. Thank You :)

  3. Jerian Dale says:

    Having my reading comprehension test tomorrow…I hope this will help.. :)

  4. kabineh kabba says:

    I love this website keep doing the good work.

  5. Latha Philani says:

    I have gained a lot thank you and iwould like you to send me more notes about how to write an essay type question for a certain book, novel or short stories.
    You can send me from the e-mail above.

    Best Regards
    Mr P.M. Latha

  6. kajal says:

    2mro is my eng exam hope its use ful to me

  7. Shalom kissi says:

    I hope this helps in my next exam.

  8. Ramya says:

    thank you on the tips i took your word of advise

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